Name: Chris Pinnix

Bar: Tee Time Sports & Spirits 


Where are you from? Winston-Salem

How long have you been bartending? 20-ish years

How did you become a bartender? I got hired at Bennigan’s as a server, but immediately the goal was to be behind the wood! I worked my way up. Bartenders always look like they had the most fun, and $$$ -so I’m like, yeah, I’ll do THAT. 

What do you enjoy about bartending? The people are the core of what we sell: FUN. I LOVE my job and have made friends for life. I hope to make more. Priceless. I dig being busy and rocking out a great shift with my Tee Time team as well. We always find a way to entertain ourselves, watching the beautiful madness. 

What’s your favorite drink to make? The next drink ;) or an Old Fashioned—simple and delicious.

What’s your favorite drink to drink? Ol’ trusty Jagerbomb. 

What would you recommend as an after-dinner drink? One more jager bomb, followed by an Irish Coffee

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending? Tough one! I’ll go with this one: A skinny kid one night got punched for no apparent reason by a much larger fella, so he pulled out his pants -his way too LARGE Dundee knife. The fight was broken up, Nobody hurt, thank goodness. Then he called the next day to ask if I found his ninja stars. Yes, both were banned. 

What’s the best/biggest tip you’ve ever gotten? Around $500 from a random small group, on a random night, just traveling through.

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