Heff’s Burger Club is not really a club. They’ll admit anybody, even the likes of me. This is one of the most casual eating establishments in the Triad, with a look and feel that takes you back to the fifties or sixties. Navy blue walls, decorated with kitschy art, frame a tile floor. 

You place your order at the counter. Select a beverage (no alcohol) from the cooler. Clean up after yourself.

The menu consists of six burgers, whimsically named, usually playing on celebrity names, plus two fried potato sides. 

CHOW-1 Plain Fonda.jpg

Plain Fonda

The Plain Fonda provides an introduction to the concept. A brioche bun emits pleasant, yeasty flavor. The beef patty is unique. The restaurant calls these “smash burgers,” an apt description. The ground beef is mashed flat and thin — really thin -— then fried quickly. Flavor is thus unique, but clearly quality beef, and to my taste, quite enjoyable. If you want more beef, a double serving is available. White American cheese is melted over the patty, further augmented with dill pickles.

CHOW-2 Chili Nelson.jpg

Chili Nelson

The Chili Nelson turned out to be our favorite. Also adorned with melted white American cheese, it adds really good, homemade chili, spicy, freshly-made slaw, chopped Vidalia onions, and yellow mustard. This gave rise to my wife’s comment, “What makes these things so good is the stuff they put on them.”

CHOW-3 Piggy Wiggy.jpg

Piggy Wiggy

Piggy Wiggy continues the cheese, augmented by griddle-cooked onions, very good bacon, Duke’s mayonnaise, and spicy catsup. This ran a close second on our favorites list, due to the bacon and onion flavors.

CHOW-4 Ladykiller.jpg


The Ladykiller also uses white American cheese, plus lots of diced red onion, shredded lettuce, pickles, and a black garlic mayonnaise. Still good, and if you like onion-garlic flavor, it could be your favorite.

Heffy Baby gets a lot of its impact from Lusty Monk mustard, plus white American cheese, diced red onions, pickles, and spicy catsup.

Fatty Patty comes on grilled Texas toast — thick white bread. This is spread with pimiento cheese, plus griddle-cooked onions, hickory-smoked bacon, and Cheerwine barbecue sauce. The result is kind of gooey, bursting with abundant flavor. 

CHOW-5 Heffy Baby.jpg

Heffy Baby

The burgers benefit from high-quality ingredients. The beef is grass-fed, from Joyce farms. Those brioche buns come from Annie’s bakery in Asheville. The dill pickles are from Niki’s Pickles in pilot mountain. Lusty Monk mustard was developed by a North Carolina chef.

CHOW-6 Fatty Patty.jpg

Fatty Patty

Two potato sides are offered. Crinkle Cuts are aptly named. They are heavily dusted with seasoned salt, and that’s the source of most of the flavor. I would be more inclined to opt for Chili Cheese Fries, which are covered with cheddar cheese sauce, homemade chili, sour cream, and pickled jalapeno peppers. 

CHOW-7 fries.jpg


A display case on the counter holds an assortment of big cookies for dessert.



The board menu offers an option to purchase a meal for a member of Winston-Salem’s “unhoused community.” The meal includes a burger and fries. Donations are taken to the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.

The restaurant’s concept grew out of the minds of its owners. Chef Justin Webster has spent the better part of a decade working in local restaurants. Heather (Heff) Webster has been a bartender at several area establishments. They decided that Winston-Salem needed “a cool, locally owned restaurant, free from the pretense and pageantry often associated with farm-to-table food.”

Heff’s Burger Club is certainly not pretentious. But it serves really tasty food, based on genuinely local, quality ingredients. This place is a hoot!


Wanna Go?

Heff’s Burger Club 285 West 4th Street Winston-Salem, NC  27101

336-813-9473 heffsburgerclub.com

Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday & Saturday. 

Burgers: $8-$14, Desserts: $5-$8

Most recent visit: April 10

John Batchelor has been writing about eating and drinking since 1981. Over a thousand of his articles have been published. He is also author of two travel/cookbooks: Chefs of the Coast: Restaurants and Recipes from the North Carolina Coast, and Chefs of the Mountains: Restaurants and Recipes from Western North Carolina. Contact him at john.e.batchelor@gmail.com or see his blog, johnbatchelordiningandtravel.blogspot.com.

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