Name: Beth Shirah

Bar: I work at the Bench Tavern and the Sawmill II

(Just want to add that these are the coolest “cheers-like” bars in Greensboro!)

Age: I’m 37 (although I actually thought I turned 38th on my last birthday, which is odd, because if anything you want to be younger)

From? I’m born and raised in High Point.

How did you get into bartending? I first bartended at JButlers on New Garden, right after I turned 21.

What do you enjoy about bartending? I have since worked at a handful of wonderful places and met a lot of good people along the way. Those people are the reason I love what I do! I have made friends (to family) from 21 to 90. Side note: the old guys are way more gangster!

Favorite drink to make? I don’t really have a favorite drink to make; just whatever you’re drinking, I’m serving.

Fav drink to drink? I’m a jager bomb girl.

Best after-dinner drink? I would say one of the best after-dinner drinks would be a baby Guinness—it’s sweet like a dessert, but still has some “power.”

I do like to occasionally consume a “beer and a bomb combo” also.

Craziest thing? Being a bartender, you see and know everything. So the crazy meter can get up there! Probably one of the craziest things I’ve seen was at a benefit golf tournament years ago, and the un-named girl I was working with lost her shoes, balance, golf cart, lunch, and then dignity. I’ve seen a lot of crazy “lusty” things, but really I don’t want to even get into that kinda stuff.

My biggest tip? Yeah, I really want to plea the fifth on that. Everyone looks out for me, and everyone has something different to give. There’s always gonna be a tightwad here and there, but my regular and reliables always look out for me.

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