WINSTON-SALEM, NC. The creative entity known as “riley.” -- a duo composed of Dan Beckmann & Erinn Dearth -- is now in preparations to premiere an all-new live talk show.

Beckmann and Dearth are comedic actors, singers and entrepreneurs who co-produce a plethora of successful endeavors all over the world -- most recently they premiered their socially-distanced feature film “Lock-In” with Spring Theatre; a film which comprised of over 100 actors self-taping from their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their website, encompasses many of their projects, including Spring Theatre, Dan Beckmann Photography and Letters From Home.

Their mission with “riley” is to “Play With Purpose,” and that’s just what the duo intends to do on the show, which will be every Tuesday starting in August.

Last month, Erinn and Dan produced a 24-hour livestreamed event, which consisted of 24 individual 1-hour segments with themes ranging from karaoke requests to photography to trivia to interviews to video game tournaments. The stream was a huge success, and raised money for The Innocence Project and St Jude’s Research Hospital. This new show hopes to feature some of the more fun and interactive satchel of surprises from the couple.

Catch Erinn and Dan in the new riley talk show on Tuesdays at 7:00pm Eastern starting Aug. 4. For more information and to tune into the live show, you may visit riley’s facebook page at Up to date information will also be made available by visiting

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