Ghostlight Studios Announces New Film and Partnership with Hot Batteries Productions

GREENSBORO, NC - Ghostlight Studios will be partnering with Hot Batteries Productions after the critical and commercial successes of their summer releases, Hopscotch and Biggest Fan respectively. The current project is a new comedy short called The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer.

The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer tells the story of a group of anxious teens who find themselves sitting in a near empty parking lot after seeing a late night slasher film and begin to suspect that the inhabitants of another car in the lot are plotting to murder them. Tensions come to a head as they try to decipher paranoia from reality.

The production team features Jaiden Douglas as the writer, director, and co-editor with Seannie Cahil-Swenson as the Assistant Director and co-editor. The film will feature an original score by Triad-based composer Gage Winslow. Parking Lot stars Avery Rosenbluth as Jeff, Seannie Cahil-Swenson as Liam, Trudy Campbell as Larry, and Garrett Linn as Gob. Marketing, Distribution, and Management is provided by Ghostlight Studios. The project is executive produced by Ghostlight Studios and Hot Batteries Productions.

The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer will release Wed., Oct. 26, 2022 at midnight. You can watch it for free at To learn more about Ghostlight Studios, visit them online at

Ghostlight Studios is dedicated to providing hands on experiences to teens both in performance and in technical aspects of film and theatre enabling them to build skills which will transfer into their professional lives.

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