amBiTriad NC aims to create a positive community for Bisexuals and allies

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.- The Winston-Salem/Piedmont Triad has been chosen for the newest chapter of, a national group of social clubs for bisexuals. The first amBi chapter on the East Coast, amBi Triad NC joins 10 other locations. Founded in Los Angeles in 2006, national embraces the vision that social progress begins with community and only by building and maintaining a vibrant and visible bisexual community can real progress begin on social issues that matter to bisexual people. At amBi Triad NC, you can attend events, enjoy fun activities, and meet other bisexual and bi-friendly people in the Triad.

Co-organizers Cindia Gonzalez and Dave Moffatt met at a bisexual/pansexual support group started by North Star LGBT Community Center in Winston-Salem and became passionate about offering more programming for bisexuals and pansexuals in the Triad. amBi Triad NC is not just another meetup group that will only offer fun events. While the group will explore the cities of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point, and enjoy ourselves, we also have a higher purpose. amBi’s mission is to build a vibrant and visible bi-community here in the Triad.

 “It is so important to build a positive, vibrant bisexual community in the Triad,” Gonzalez said. “Bisexuals are the largest portion of the queer community, yet often suffer greater health disparities and minority stress than either gays or lesbians, mostly due to biphobia and bi-erasure. It’s time we had a place in the Triad to build a community of healthy, fun-loving, positive bisexuals and allies, and to affirm that our bisexuality is as valid a way of loving as any other,” Gonzalez concluded.  “We’re so excited that amBiTriadNC was founded during Bi Pride Month and that we’re the first amBi chapter in the South and on the East Coast! Just go to to get involved.” 

About amBi Triad North Carolina:

Founded in 2019, amBi Triad North Carolina is a social/activity group for bisexual adults and friends across the Greater Triad, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding communities. amBi Triad NC exists to build a Bisexual Community through a variety of events and activities that allow bisexual/pansexual people to meet, establish meaningful friendships, and have fun!

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