The Kiwanis Club of Greensboro today announced $24,000 in donations to help feed hungry children in Greensboro and Guilford County. Donations of $12,000 were made this week to Out of the Garden Project and BackPack Beginnings.

Don Milholin, Executive Director/President, Out of the Garden Project stated, “The generous donation by the Greensboro Kiwanis Club will have an incredible impact in our fight against hunger, especially during this coved19 pandemic. It is through organization like the Greensboro Kiwanis that we continue to stretch ourselves to meet the ongoing challenge of more than 50,000 children qualifying for free breakfast/lunch at their schools. Your gift allows others to see the importance you place on children and their future and it sets up a cross pollination with other clubs and businesses to say if Greensboro Kiwanis can make this donation what might we do. Our ongoing partnership has created a great deal of value at our farm and this gift will continue to bear fruit into the future.”

Parker White, Founder/Volunteer Executive Director of BackPack Beginnings said, “BackPack Beginnings is grateful to The Kiwanis Club of Greensboro for their generous support of our mission. Due to COVID-19, we have seen an unprecedented need for our programs, and we anticipate this elevated level to continue throughout the 2020/21 school year. Food insecurity across North Carolina has increased from 12.9% prior to COVID-19 to 24% post COVID-19. Community assistance allows us to meet the extensive need in the Guilford County area, and this $12,000 gift will help us do just that. We look forward to turning this money into food that can be distributed to local children.”


Barden concluded, “On behalf of our 110 members the board is pleased to provide these funds and hope they help in some small way to lessen the hunger and suffering of the children in our community. As we entered the second 100 years in Greensboro last Fall, we focused our organization on this need. Sadly, the pandemic has intensified it. We plan to provide continuing help to the hungry children as we collectively combat COVID.”

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