WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (July 2, 2021) —Kaleideum has named Shari Brady as senior director of education and engagement. Brady comes to Kaleideum with more than 15 years of experience working in education in the Winston Salem Forsyth County School System. She is also currently an adjunct professor in the Department of Education at Winston Salem State University.

Brady has a PhD in Science Education from Capella University and has been actively involved in the Winston-Salem community since her arrival in 1994. She brings a wealth of formal education experience to Kaleideum, having worked for 15 years in the WSFCS school system as a science teacher, and is the co-founder of The Science, a non-profit that focuses on formal and informal STEM education using pop culture to draw people into science.

“We are thrilled to have Shari join our team at Kaleideum. I believe she is a great asset to help lead our strategic vision and bring our learning philosophy to life for all ages while also being hands-on with our work inside and outside of the buildings,” says Elizabeth Dampier, Kaleideum Executive Director. “Shari’s knowledge, experience, skills and relationships will be key in moving us forward in the arts and sciences.”

Brady has a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and has taught middle school science as well as high school biology at both IB and AP levels. Brady also teaches elementary and middle grades science methods at Winston-Salem State University.

“I am very excited to be here at Kaleideum —  it is a wonderful mix of formal and informal learning, which is right up my alley,” Brady says. “My experience creating a non-profit that encourages informal learning, and my classroom experience as a teacher for 15 years lends itself perfectly to planning exciting educational programming for the museum. This is a dream job that blends so many aspects of scientific engagement and learning together in order to better service our community’s children and families.” 


About Kaleideum

Kaleideum was formed by the merger of The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and SciWorks in July 2016. Kaleideum Downtown (formerly The Children’s Museum) was founded by the Junior League of Winston-Salem and opened its doors in 2004. Kaleideum North (formerly SciWorks), also founded by the Junior League of Winston-Salem, opened its doors as the Nature Science Center in 1964. The two museums merged into a single organization with a new mission — “Inspiring wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning in our children and community through interactive play and discovery.

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