Greensboro, NC, September 30- For the past 30 years the Bonner Program at Guilford College has been shaping the minds and ethos of Bonner & Community scholars, pouring innumerable community service hours into the Greensboro community, building upon critical connections with community partners over the decades.

In the spirit of Bonner, when two of the staff people of the Bonner program were among the positions eliminated this summer, a collective of over 50 Bonner Scholars, Bonner Fellows and Honor Bonners banded together to pay tribute to the legacy of the program and the staff.

The two staff, Susan May, and the Program Director of 20 years James Shields, have had a profound influence on the program, students, and community partners. To pay tribute and homage to the work and legacy of these two individuals, and the hundreds of Bonner Students the Alum have started a GoFundMe to raise $20,000, $1,000/year that Shields served as the Director, to be disbursed between three community partners selected by Shields.

The community partners receiving the funds are the Montagnard Dega Association, Student Action with Farmworkers, and Elimu Empowerment Services. Each of the sites have been partners with the Bonner Program over the years, with two of the sites producing students who ended up attending Guilford as Bonner Scholars, creating a full cycle of service, investment, and community connection.

To date $9,500 has been raised, and now the wider Greensboro community is being invited to support this fundraiser to pay tribute to the work of the Bonner Program, James Shields, and Susan May, while supporting three organizations doing important work in our community. While the future of the Bonner Program and Guilford College are unknown, the Alum are glad to continue leading with the spirit of Bonner through this tribute.

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