GREENSBORO, NC -- The Greensboro Science Center (GSC) is seeking the public’s help to name the two fishing cats born on Friday, April 3. A veterinary exam on Wednesday, May 20, confirmed the sex of the kittens - both are female. Individuals are invited to submit name suggestions by responding to the GSC’s posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 22.

GSC staff will narrow down the suggestions to the top six before opening a public poll to select the final names.

Jessica Hoffman-Balder, VP of Animal Care and Welfare, says, "We are beyond excited to have a litter of two fishing cat girls! Of the 34 fishing cats housed in North American facilities, only 6 of them were reproductively viable females. Adding young girls to this population was crucial and these two new additions will play a tremendous role in the sustainability of these amazing cats."

The kittens are currently located behind the scenes and will remain there for another month or two. Keepers will wait until the animals are able to easily move around, get in and out of water, jump and climb before giving them access to the exhibit.

Click here for a live stream of the GSC's fishing cat kitten cam. Please note: the animals move around quite a bit, so check back if they are not visible initially.

The GSC will continue to update the public on the kittens’ progress on the organization’s social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A follow-up press release will be sent once the kittens are available for photos and/or video.

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