GREENSBORO, NC (November 13, 2020) – The Human Rights Department is seeking people interested in serving on the newly formed Ad-hoc Committee for African American Disparities (AC-AAD) at the request of City Council. African Americans make up the largest minority in Greensboro and face unique barriers to success.

Through community feedback, research and policy review, the Ad-hoc Committee for African American Disparities will explore local policies, procedures and regulations in an effort to identify barriers to success for African Americans, and will present findings and recommendations to City Council. 

People interested in serving on this committee can email Zaynah Afada at no later than Fri., Nov. 20. Interested candidates should possess the following attributes:

· An awareness of the history/context of needs of African American populations in Greensboro

· Passion about addressing issues of disparity

· Commitment to issues of equity

· Availability to commit ample time to the work of the committee

A virtual retreat will take place in December 2020 to create a work plan for the five core areas, which include:

· Community Engagement

· Housing and Health Disparities

· Economic Opportunity

· Law Enforcement Justice and Accountability

· Education and Workforce Development

The Human Rights Department promotes mutual understanding, respect and fair treatment of all Greensboro residents without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, or familial status. For additional information, call the City of Greensboro Human Relations Department at 336-373-2038.

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