1. From March 27-28, stay inside and shop local from the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market's new Virtual Marketplace! According to the Facebook event page, "area farmers are keeping us fed, even in these uncertain times. The Market is offering a virtual marketplace where you can SAFELY shop for home deliveries, curbside pickup, pre-order Certified N.C. farm stands, direct shipments and more." For more information, visit the website.

2. From March 28-29, relax and unwind with Lana Skrypnyk of Healing Vibes with Lana. On Saturday, Skypnyk will be hosting "Wake Up with Lana," a virtual yoga session starting at 10 a.m. streaming live on Instagram. On Sunday, Skrypnyk will be hosting "Slow Mindful Yoga & Meditation" at 8 p.m. streaming live on Instagram. Skrypnyk said that each live stream will be up for 24 hours, and after that, are uploaded to Yoga Evolving. "If you use my code HealingVibesbyLana you get $10 off any membership, with the basic one being $5, if you want all the content and not just from me but other awesome teachers! I’ve also got some videos on the Facebook that I upload from last week that you can do any time and a few meditations recorded on Instagram T.V." For more information, visit Healing Vibes by Lana. 

3. On March 27, join DJ L in Japanese live on Facebook,  Twitch,  Periscope and Mixer from his kitchen for his Self-Quarantine Boogie Down, Vol. 2. Dance the stress and bad news from the COVID-19 pandemic away in the comfort of your home to DJ L in Japanese's tight mixes and sounds. According to the Facebook event page, the evening will be "dedicated to the sweet, sweet sounds of New Jack Swing... Hopefully, I'll be able to take request  this time around." 

4. On March 28, join Greensboro's chapter of Stonewall Sports for its monthly The Queen's Storytimesocial distancing style. Brenda The Drag Queen will be reading several stories to children via the Greensboro Stonewall Sports Facebook page! The story time takes place at its normal time, 11 a.m. until noon. According to the Facebook event page, "This event is meant to promote love and acceptance, celebrating one's differences. To children, Drag Queens & Kings appear as something out of fairy tales. Both children and drag queens enjoy a shared interest in dressing up, wrapping themselves in all things shiny and glittery, and using their imagination. So grab your children and a cup of coffee and their favorite snack and let's have a whole hour of virtual reading and fun." 

5. On March 28, tune in for a virtual Creativity, Yoga and Meditation Retreat from Yoke and Abundance. From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., "We’ll come together via Zoom, this intentional pause will help us get grounded, centered, and calm through creative writing, art journaling, yoga, and meditation. The state of things in our world is asking us all to slow down, let’s get intentional together. This retreat will give you space to feel your feelings, get clear on where you are and where you want to be, in community with others. We will be holding space for one another." The live stream will be recorded and to get tickets ($29.99), visit the Facebook event page. For more information, visit the website.

6. On March 28, catch a performance by Jive Mother Mary via Facebook Live at 8 p.m. According to the Burlington-based band's website, "Jive Mother Mary is not the typical story you see in Rock N' Roll these days. They were not created to take an easy ride to the top. They're the type of band that comes from long friendships, 500 mile van rides, and honing your skills for 12 years in smoky bars, which is miraculous when you take into account that the founding members are 28 years old. Steeped in the Southern Rock tradition, this band is the culmination of that magic blend of blood, sweat, and soul that sticks to your ribs like a Sunday dinner."

7. On March 28, catch Dan Ray live on Facebook! Ray will also be setting up a Zoom chat in addition to streaming on Facebook Live. "So you can come be part of the show, or just enjoy the stream, whatever makes you happy," he said. "I'll be playing my usual range of eclectic, fun, interesting covers songs that you know and love." Please tip him on Venmo, @danraymusic. 

8.  On March 29, tune in to Farewell Friend's Facebook page to see a live stream performance at 3 p.m. According to the Facebook event page, "We have been busy working in the studio and haven’t let COVID-19  slow us down. We’ll be performing on Facebook Live next Sunday afternoon again. Mark your calendar and drop in to enjoy some music! Tips are greatly appreciated! Thank you for supporting your local musicians during this crazy timeVENMO: @BlackRabbitAudio, CASH APP: $TomTroyer, PAYPAL: @farewellfriendNC."

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