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My favorite place to take my partner on a date is a/perture cinema. But since COVID-19 shut down the city, I brought a/perture cinema to my date, instead. On April 3, I saw on a/perture’s website that the movie Extra Ordinary had opened, and since the poster looked cute, I clicked on it. I watched the trailer and noticed the distinct Irish brogue of funny gal Maeve Higgins and that one of my Saturday Night Live crushes, Will Forte, was a lead role. So, I purchased my movie “tickets” online, popped some popcorn, and cracked open a can of Truly. When we sat down to watch the movie, streaming became a bit of an issue. (I know, I am the world’s worst millennial.) I watched it on an Amazon Fire Stick instead of downloading the recommended KINO MARQUEE app on Apple T.V. and Roku. The stream was a bit slow at first (it was running on Amazon’s internet browser), and some parts we had to pause so it could buffer. But when it finally started working, oh man, we both were cracking up like we never had before at a movie. The humor is bone dry, and Forte’s absurd character had me rolling on the floor. I feel bad for our roommate, (who was trying to sleep) because we were literally laughing out loud. The film was deliciously camp and fun from its start to finish. Sure, watching a movie at home is cool because you can be as loud as you want, drink as much as you want, and pause the movie for snack and bathroom breaks. But, is this the cinematic experience I have come to know and love? Not exactly… For me, going to the movies requires sequestering myself for two hours and giving my complete and undivided attention to the piece of art before me.

When the dark cloud of COVID-19 passes, I will be first in line at a/perture cinema as it reopens. Until then, I’ll continue to support one of my favorite places by renting movies from its virtual theater. (Maybe I’ll become a better millennial and figure out how to work with the technology.) After all, a five-day rental for $12 isn’t so bad, especially when it’s for a movie that still has me giggling and supporting a/perture cinema.

Katie Murawski is the editor-in-chief of YES! Weekly. Her alter egos include The Grimberlyn Reaper, skater/public relations board chair for Greensboro Roller Derby, and Roy Fahrenheit, drag entertainer and self-proclaimed King of Glamp.

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