GREENSBORO, NC (June 22, 2020) – In response to COVID-19 and in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan has issued an emergency proclamation requiring face coverings to be worn anytime a person will be in contact with other people in public or private spaces where it is not possible to maintain proper social distancing. This declaration takes effect at 5 pm, Tuesday, June 23 and shall remain in effect until it is modified or rescinded by the Mayor. These places include grocery stores, pharmacies, business locations, parking lots, sidewalks, and public transit.

A face covering is a material that covers the nose and mouth and can be secured with ties or straps, or simply wrapped around the lower face. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, or linen. A cloth face covering may be factory-made or sewn by hand or can be improvised from  household items such as scarfs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or towels.

Acceptable, reusable face covering options for the general public include: bandanas, neck gaiters, homemade face coverings, scarves, or tightly woven fabric such as cotton T-shirts and some types of towels. It is not required to wear face coverings during individual exercise outdoors, or while walking or exercising with other people from the same household, as long as social distance from others is maintained.

All restaurant, personal care, grooming, tattoo, and retail employees and staff shall wear a face covering while on duty. It is recommended that all businesses require customers to wear a face covering while inside the business. 

“From the perspective of the state’s health systems and hospitals, we want everyone to be able to enjoy good health and to be able to safely support local businesses,” said Steve Lawler, President and CEO of the North Carolina Healthcare Association. “It takes all of us working together to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the health of not only ourselves, but also everyone around us. Wearing a cloth face covering and practicing social distancing helps to both protect the health of businesses you want to support as you also protect the health of yourself and others. We know these health habits work, so we ask that every North Carolinian adopt these habits and keep the health of both our people and business community strong.”

Face coverings are not required:

  • For those who cannot wear a face covering due to a medical or behavioral condition.
  • For children under 12-years-old.
  • For restaurant patrons while they are dining.
  • In private, individual offices.
  • When complying with directions of law enforcement officers.
  • In settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, including when obtaining or rendering goods or services, such as the receipt of dental services or while swimming.
  • While with members of a family or the same household. 
  • For people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a face covering.

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You may want to also mention how to properly wear the mask. I have seen way too many people, both workers and the general public, wearing their masks under the nose or on their chin. Masks can't protect that way.

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