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Ambassador CBD brings premier formulations of CBD to the mass market. Cultivated in Columbia and Jamaica and certified USDA Organic, Ambassador aims to bring more industry transparency and integrity to the consumption of CBD products. The brand is founded by Veteren, James Brobyn, who discovered a gap in the market to help assist his fellow comrades with their post war adaptation back to civilian life without having to lean into non-pharma grade cannabis products.

Ambassador CBD has been providing legally imported full-spectrum, USDA Certified Organic, and T-Free products since 2020. They are the original imported cannabis oil from Colombia and Jamaica. These prime agricultural export destinations have some of the best horticultural soil and laws surrounding cultivation of hemp which entail Ambassador consumers reap and truly feel the benefits.

Founded in 2019, combat veteran James Brobyn noticed many fellow vets using cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. He saw first hand the lack of industry accountability and access to clean pharmaceutical-grade, organic cannabinol products and he set his sights out to provide the missing link.

Brobyn notes, “Ambassador products are imported from the best growing regions in the world - Colombia and Jamaica...near the equator. As a US Veteran owned company, we then third-party test these premium products for purity before we deliver them to our customers.”

Brobyn’s quest for clean products and industry integrity led him to depart from the typical CBD ingredient compliments and only source the purest form of the full hemp plant. His dedicated journey of sourcing landed him on the shores of the climate-rich regions of Jamaica and Colombia. Similar to coffee, CBD grows best near the equator due to the warm soil and humidity.

Working with the US Department of Customs and Border Protection, Ambassador was able to acquire tariff codes to ensure their products are imported legally and comply with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Ambassador CBD produces oils that are USDA Certified Organic, holding all of their products to the highest production standards. USDA Organic Certification is not easy to obtain and very few CBD brands in the market today possess this credential. Transparency is important when it comes to cannabinoids, and Ambassador provides a Certificate of Analysis for every batch of CBD that is produced and sold in retail stores and on their e-commerce.

With their brand emphasis on quality, they have launched three CBD tincture products that address stress relief, anxiety, focus, pain and inflammation recovery. These three tinctures also correlate with their cultivation origins; Rionegro which is certified USDA Organic and the most potent, Medellín their high concentrate and Trelawny obsolete of THC.

Taking CBD is similar to the support provided by daily vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, and plants. The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate things like appetite, stress levels, energy, sleep, and overall well-being. Ambassador CBD and its founding team have gone to great lengths to procure and produce unparalleled excellence in the formulations of their products.

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