5 Major Shifts in Market Psyche from the 2020 Pandemic

Winston-Salem, NC – Armored Research, a division of Armored Team Building, has released a groundbreaking qualitative research report. “America on Pause:  5 Major Shifts in Market Motivation to Watch For,”which shows five enduring impacts which will drive market decisions around purchase and competition as the world begins to emerge from the economic stranglehold of the pandemic.  With a mind toward giving back and getting businesses to prepare for what comes next, the company is offering the 26-page white paper at no cost to leaders through their website (https://www.armoredteambuilding.com/americaonpause2020), encouraging businesses to endure, evolve, and emerge better prepared to message and meet the new needs of the market.

The research examines five core themes of behavioral and motivational change which are emerging:

1.      Trust and Reciprocal Loyalty

Trust has fractured in many ways and loyalty is in question.  Organizations need to renew both.

2.      Credibility and Expertise

Providers which engage actions and words to establish deep levels in these areas will remain competitive.

3.      Purposeful Diversion

Distraction is no longer enough, markets desire meaning interlaced with their escape from the day-to-day.

4.      Increased Sense of Control & Safety

Not surprising, but dynamic in how markets will evaluate which options best speak to these core needs.

5.      Enhanced Desire for Freedom

Expressed in a variety of manners, nested in renewed appreciation for individual definitions of patriotism.

The report is already making a strong impact and being shared among leaders at several global organizations and Armored Research’s leadership team has been interviewed as far away as the Philippines regarding the global relatability of the insights. 

After reading this groundbreaking report, Steve Sutton, Training Site Director for a Global Manufacturer shared, “As we work in these challenging times, I look for ways to understand my business and what influences I should consider.  I read ‘America on Pause’ from Armored [Armored Research, a division of Armored Team Building] and found the insights and comparisons to be extremely helpful.  Reading about the variety of businesses they researched and commented on inspired me and gave me new ways to think about how my team can contribute to our employees and business in new ways.”

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has brought forth unprecedented changes worldwide which span social, economic, and cultural elements.  Never before have entire countries, continents, and regions seen the levels of shut-downs, stay-at-home orders, and supply chain disruptions as is currently being experienced. 

Through the unique tool of predictive qualitative research, these Armored Research insights step back from the moment-to-moment timeline and provide:

·        a wide lens perspective on five core changes in psychology and motivation which are emerging in reaction to the drastic impact of the pandemic

·        actionable recommendations leaders can engage for each theme

·        examples of what each theme looks like in the current market



About Armored Research:  Armored Research is a specialty market research consultancy and a division of Armored Teambuilding, serving a national market from a base in Winston-Salem, NC.  Founded in 2016, Armored Research brings together over 25 years of market research expertise with a deep understanding of market drivers, motivators, and communication strategy.  Through work with a dynamic set of brands, they specialize in driving individuals, teams, and organizations forward through insights and foundational skills that make strategic decisions more dynamic and powerful, while impacting profit centers and market message decisions.  Learn more at: https://www.armoredteambuilding.com


Connie Chesner, Lead Researcher:  Connie is a master at resiliency and human motivation with 25+ years in psychology and qualitative market research in both B2B and B2C spaces and across categories.  Her work in qualitative market research has spanned a wide variety of projects from voice-of-customer, rebranding, package design, market motivation trends, brand and feature preferences, and more.  She’s been an international media expert, keynote speaker at conferences such as Loyalty 360, a professor, and has run projects to launch and reform multi-national brands and shift customer decisions for millions of dollars in products/services.  Today she weaves that deep understanding into guiding organizations to the strategic insights they need to make stronger decisions and people to stronger leadership and fulfillment.  Her diverse background in research, training, and mentoring allows her to connect a deep understanding of how people make decisions with innovative qualitative research designs that get results.  She believes that qualitative insights provide the vital “why behind the what” of quantitative insights, empowering more targeted decisions, actions, and training.    She has successfully founded three businesses and worked within corporations and agencies, allowing a diverse understanding of how individuals and organizations motivate, build trust, maintain, and grow.

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