Raleigh, NC - Yesterday Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford, Majority Whip) passed SB 226 - Delay Certain ABC Permit Renewal Payments - which allows businesses that require an ABC permit to operate, but were forced to close due to Governor Roy Cooper's executive orders, to delay the renewal of their ABC permit.

ABC permits can be fairly expensive, which can put a strain on businesses that have been forced to close. SB 226 allows businesses to renew their ABC permits 90 days after the time in which they are authorized to reopen. It also would allow these businesses to apply for a reimbursement if they have already paid their most recent ABC permit renewal fee. Ultimately these fees would need to be paid within 90 days of when the business is authorized to reopen, but the temporary reimbursement may assist some of these businesses as they cope with a difficult time financially. 

Hardister, who presented the bill in committee and on the House floor, amended the bill from its original version to incorporate the ABC permit language. The bill passed both the House and Senate unanimously. The ABC Commission supports the legislation; Hardister consulted with the Commission when drafting the legislation.

"This bill provides a lifeline for businesses that are having a difficult time," Hardister said. "Delaying these fees and allowing temporary refunds will help small businesses get back on their feet. I was encouraged to see a unanimous vote on this bill."

The bill has been sent to Governor Roy Cooper for his consideration.

Here is a link to the legislation:


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