To-Date, Over $2 Million Granted to 97 Local Nonprofits, GSO Virus Relief Taskforce Wants to Raise an Additional $1 Million to Support Relief Efforts

Greensboro, NC (May 21, 2020) – In its eighth round of funding, the Greensboro Virus Relief Taskforce granted $37,669 to 5 local nonprofits providing services to people impacted by the Coronavirus. Over the past eight weeks, the Taskforce has granted a total of $2,173,849 to 97 local nonprofits helping thousands of individuals and families.

The funds were allocated from the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund which was established by United Way of Greater Greensboro, City of Greensboro, and Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

One hundred percent of donations are immediately being used to support local nonprofit response efforts.

“The pandemic presents challenges for everyone, however deaf individuals already have struggles that they face day to day. This time of uncertainty adds additional hardships making it more strenuous for them to overcome. CODA Connections, Inc. exist to serve with compassion and be the voice for the overlooked deaf community and we reflect a commitment to accessibility and inclusion. We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission especially during this critical time and our pursuits would not be possible without the generous support from the COVID-19 relief fund. CODA Connections, Inc. is forever grateful to be one of the recipients of this grant. Thank you for enabling us to help meet needs, create change and a lasting impact in the deaf community,” said Tabitha Allen-Draft, President and Founder CODA Connections, Inc.

The Taskforce is co-chaired by Larry Davis, Assistant City Manager, and Frank McCain, Vice President, Community Impact and Investment, United Way and comprised of leaders from Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Guilford County and leaders representing six priority areas.

The Taskforce would like to raise an additional $1 million to continue rapidly supporting community members during the pandemic. Members of the Taskforce are urging the community to continue to give. To make a donation to the Greensboro Virus Relief Fund, visit, or text the word “Virus” to 40403.

Additionally, the Taskforce is accepting funding requests from 501 (c)(3) organizations helping people impacted by the Coronavirus. For more on funding requirements and how to apply, visit To quickly respond to community needs, volunteer Taskforce members are reviewing dozens of applications from local nonprofits each week.

The latest round of funding was granted to the following nonprofits addressing the following priority areas:

Business Disruptions

SHIELD Mentor Program: $8,780

Food Insecurities

Islamic Center of The Triad Refugee and Immigration Community Service: $8,000

Touching Lives Foundation as fiscal sponsor for St. James Presbyterian Church: $6,783

Rosa Foundation: $2,550

Truly Making A Difference: $11,556

Weekly Donor Thank You

The Taskforce is grateful for gifts of all sizes and every donor is contacted personally to acknowledge their support. Additionally, the Taskforce would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their extremely generous support this week.

Hillsdale Fund: $48,000

Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro: $22,000

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