Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, NC- Today, the North State Journal broke an alarming story that Governor Cooper is using a Democrat campaign firm to host press conferences in an effort to stifle unfriendly press questions. Recently, Democrat Michigan Governor Whitmer faced substantial criticism for using a Democrat campaign firm to conduct contract tracing, and now Cooper is following her lead using state resources to pay political vendors.

The North State Journal reported Cooper is employing MaestroConference to host his official press conferences. MaestroConference boasts several big leftwing political clients, including Barack Obama for President, Sierra Club and What is worse is that Cooper apparently hired this Democrat firm to prevent unfriendly press questions about the Cooper Administrations' shortcomings.

“State resources should not be used as a campaign piggy bank," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "Governor Cooper’s blatant use of state funds and resources to turn his official press conferences into a campaign operation must stop. Cooper is breaching the public trust and violating our First Amendment principles by stifling unfriendly press inquiries about his administration’s COVID response."

Cooper's use of a Democrat political firm to stifle the freedom of the North Carolina Press goes hand in hand with his refusal to follow Public Records laws. This is yet another example of the Cooper administration's unwavering commitment to stifling transparency and it reeks of a cover-up. Last week, Congressman Greg Murphy MD broke news at a press conference that the White House Coronavirus Task Force expressed a grave concern that the Cooper administration had a systematic flaw in responding to COVID. With each new revelation, the public continues to learn the Cooper administration is fumbling the COVID response and the people of North Carolina are paying the price.

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