High Point, NC--- In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, local family service agency, Youth Unlimited, is utilizing technology to continue its commitment of keeping children, and foster families, safe.

The agency, which conducts monthly in-person home visits to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children within foster care as well as that of the fostering families, has turned to virtual visits through Skype and FaceTime and conducting in-person visits outdoors, at a distance, at family’s homes.

According to Judy Fradenburg, Youth Unlimited’s client care director, she is available to foster children, and families’ on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis via phone. With regard to the recent pandemic crisis, the agency is adjusting its standard protocol in order to maintain the agency’s number one priority - keeping children, and families safe.

In addition to virtual check in's, to ensure families continue to feel supported, the agency is helping act as an educational resource for helping with children home from school, as well as helping many families with their general day-to-day.

“I’m reaching out to families every couple of days, or weekly, and offering to go to their children’s schools to pick up homework and tablets and deliver them back to the families to minimize their need to leave their homes, as well as just checking in to see what else they might need to remain safe,” according Fradenburg. “We’re managing each child and family’s needs on a one-on-one basis.”

The agency, in order to demonstrate that anyone can make a positive difference in a child’s life, recently launched a YU campaign in an effort to raise interest and enthusiasm for foster parenting. The campaign is in response to the nationwide deficit of foster families to meet children’s needs. To find out more about fostering, or how you might get involved, call Judy Fradenburg at 336-861-9243 or via email at judyfradenburg@youthunlimited.cc.

The locally based, highly accredited agency serves the Triad as well as many surrounding areas by providing mental health, residential group living for children ages 3-13, foster Care, family preservation (also known as intensive in-home care), outpatient counseling as well as medication clinic services.

Youth Unlimited Director, Cliff Parker, noted the agency is following CDC prevention guidelines within the agency's residential and in-home care facilities as well.

See below, numbers and studies on family, and children's services throughout the country.

In 2019 there were 440,000 in foster care nationwide.

Currently, we are at an all time high as the demand for foster parents is far higher than the supply, and factors like parental opioid addiction are forcing more children to be removed from their homes.

On average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and six percent of children in foster care have languished there for five or more years.

About Youth Unlimited:

Founded in High Point, NC in 1968, Youth Unlimited operates from its foundational founding values of: relationships are fundamental; integrity is ethic; innovation is our tradition and faith is the cornerstone.

The agency, in both community and residential programs, provides a continuum of services for children from birth to 18 years of age, and their families, with the singular mission of developing each individuals strengths into productive life skills. Youth Unlimited practices that each person is unique and endowed with special gifts and talents. (For more, please visit www.youthunlimited.cc.)

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