It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the YWCA of Greensboro's Board of Directors announce that Lindy Garnette has resigned as CEO of the 117 year old nonprofit.  Garnette’s more than 10 years of service have been marked by critical growth in service of the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.   Garnette will remain with the YWCA until January 15, 2020, assisting with the transition to the Interim President and CEO.

Garnette was hired to the post after an extensive national search. “We chose Lindy as the best candidate to push the YWCA to its full potential, and it has been a true pleasure to serve alongside her as she did just that,” said Kim Diop, former Board President and a member of Garnette’s hiring committee.

Some examples of Garnette’s impact on the YWCA include her leadership of a Capital Campaign that reinvigorated the YWCA’s presence in the Greensboro community. In 2018, it achieved its goal of 5 million dollars in 5 years. The opening of the Shirley T. Frye YWCA of Greensboro building, on East Wendover Avenue under Garnette, also brought the organization’s services closer to the populations it serves.  Garnette also expanded programs to include the Emergency Family Shelter and the Passion to Purse program.

The YWCA Board of Directors has selected Pamela Palmer & Associates to manage the function of Interim Chief Executive Officer while the organization seeks a permanent replacement. The interim role will be led by Dr. Pamela Palmer along with a transition team comprised of current staff, board members, and community leaders. Pamela Palmer & Associates, LLC is a firm that specializes in building the capacity of nonprofits to meet the needs of communities.

“We are so grateful that Lindy has agreed to work alongside Dr. Palmer and our transition team to ensure a smooth transition and a continuation of the important work of the YWCA,” said Board President Denise McGee. “At this critical juncture in our community and world, the work of the YWCA is even more vital. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Lindy’s leadership and once again express our gratitude for her unfailing passion and dedication to our mission.”

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