On Mon., April 5, 2021 the internet was a buzz of excitement at the introduction of Artfolios—a Winston-Salem based online fine art gallery. Artfolios, founded in 2021 by Carrie Leigh Dickey (pictured above Right) and Kimberly Varnadoe (Above Left), celebrates, showcases, and promotes Winston-Salem artists. Artfolios states that their personalized approach to art collecting is three-fold: selected collections of fine art originals; collaborations for corporate art installations; and individual consultations for their patrons.

“To see Artfolios come to life is like watching a seed you plant grow into a captivating flower,” shares Carrie Leigh Dickey, the Owner and Visionary of Artfolios who oversees the corporate art installations showcasing works from Artfolios’ collections. “Artfolios was created out of a desire to support fellow artists and out of love for the community of Winston-Salem.”

Kimberly Varnadoe, Artfolios’ Curator, is a patron’s guide to art buying. Kimberly helps patrons choose artwork that “speaks to them” and reflects their vision for their space. Andrew Stenhouse, Webmaster and Technology Support, manages the inner workings of the online store ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

“My colleagues Kimberly Varnadoe and Andrew Stenhouse are top notch!” Carrie continues. “Kimberly was my professor at Salem College. That’s how we first met. She has always been such an inspiration to me. She was the Curator and Gallery Director for the Elberson Fine Arts Center at Salem College for the past 25 years and is the perfect addition to Artfolios. And, Andrew is fabulous! He is a creative problem solver. He makes the technical things looks easy! Both of these are dear friends, and I look forward to enjoying the adventure ahead with them.”

How can you stay connected? Visit Artfolios.shop or find them on Facebook (@Artfolios) and on Instagram (@ShopArtfolios).

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