HIGH POINT, N.C. (July 26, 2022) – Housing Consultants Group (HCG) is entering a different arena: new construction to help chip away at the local lack of affordable housing. The project is also allowing participants in the City of High Point’s Construction Training Program (CTP) to gain hands-on training in homebuilding. The agency, with offices in High Point and Greensboro, is undertaking a project to increase accessibility to affordable housing in one of High Point’s revitalization areas which includes a greenway.

According to HCG’s Executive Director Sofia Crisp, this is the agency’s first step toward becoming a community housing development organization in High Point. HCG is collaborating with the City’s Community Development and Housing Department and High Point Communities Against Violence to make this house a true home for a family in need. Funding for the project was provided by Pinnacle Financial Partners, another partner in efforts to increase affordable housing.

The agency is also offering a $10,000 down payment incentive for qualified applicants interested in purchasing the house.

“Anytime nonprofits can work together for the good of the community it is a plus for everyone,” said Executive Director of HPCAV Jim Summey. “In this case, HCG is working with HPCAV. In this collaboration, offenders are expertly trained to gain building skills and the result is a well-built affordable home for a family. How can you top building character in people and providing affordable housing?”

“We at HCG see this as a step in the right direction to help with the lack of affordable housing in the area,” said Crisp. “Becoming a Community Housing Development Organization will help increase the number of quality, affordable homes built. A second home will be built next door this fall.”

The City of High Point aims to serve as the catalyst for bringing together the community’s human, economic and civic resources for the purpose of creating the single most livable, safe and prosperous community in America. For more information on the City, visit www.highpointnc.gov.

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