Greensboro man charged with insurance fraud in hit and run crash

RALEIGH -- North CarolinaInsurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced the arrest of Jeremy Tyler Harris, 25, of 1305 Vine St., Greensboro. Harris was charged with insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property by false pretense.

Special agents with the Department of Insurance’s Criminal Investigations Division accuse Harris of falsely reporting to National General Insurance Co. that his 2021 Dodge Charger had been stolen and he was not the driver of the car involved in a hit-and-run crash.

According to the arrest warrant, a Greensboro police officer located a witness who identified Harris as the driver of the wrecked car.

The offenses occurred between Aug. 30 and Sept. 23.

Special agents and Greensboro police arrested Harris on Oct. 11. He was released on a written promise to appear in court on Nov. 15.

Greensboro police have also charged Harris with hit-and-run driving and filing a false police report.

“It’s estimated that property and casualty insurance fraud costs insurance customers $120 billion a year in increased premiums,” said Commissioner Causey. “The Department of Insurance has reinforced its criminal investigations procedures and personnel in an effort to make more arrests to keep fraud from driving up insurance costs.”

If you suspect insurance fraud or other white-collar crimes, please report it. You may report fraud anonymously by calling the N.C. Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division at 919-807-6840. Information is also available at

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