Family Support Network Announces Retirement of 30-Year Executive Director 

GREENSBORO, NC- After more than 30 years of service, the Family Support Network of Central Carolina (FSNCC) community will wish a bittersweet farewell to Executive Director Nancy Micca as she prepares to retire in June 2023. Nancy began serving on the FSN Executive Board in early 1990 and, within months, was asked to step in as the sole program coordinator working only 10 hrs per week. Under her leadership, the organization has grown to 10 employees who support more than 600 families annually through various programs. For Nancy, this work is personal. “I’m the parent of an adult with disabilities, and our mission is stamped on my heart.”

“Nancy’s capacity to truly appreciate the position our families are in, ensure that they do not feel alone in their journey, and help them access resources that help to enrich the lives of their families has personified the core of our mission,” says Carter Davenport, FSNCC Board Chair. 

Nancy and her family have been vital to the FSNCC community and have connected with our mission in many ways. She is the mother of four boys, and her oldest, John, who is now 43 years old, was just 12 when Nancy first came to FSN. John has a chromosome anomaly called 18-Q deletion, and his smiles and warm hugs have been as much a part of the organization’s activities and events as Nancy’s guiding leadership. Her other three sons all went through the Sibshops program, a peer support group for siblings of children with disabilities, and today are compassionate donors and contributors to the organization. Nancy says, “They see the benefits of our mission because they’ve experienced it firsthand.” 

Her family is one of thousands that have gone through the cycle of support, from being the ones in need to being able to provide for others. That is the true legacy of Family Support Network’s accomplishments and its vision for a network of care for children and their families. The FSNCC team meets with families in the NICU or gets connected after a new diagnosis and maintains a strong connection throughout the child’s life.

After decades of being on-call, receiving emergency phone calls and late-night texts from families in need, Nancy is most deserving of a happy and restful retirement. She is looking forward to spending time with her grandchildren and cooking many new recipes, which she plans on sharing with her loved ones at home and at FSNCC. “I hope they’re ready at the office because I’m going to be calling to ask, ‘Who wants lunch?’” She’s excited to see new leadership come in with fresh eyes to the organization and further the sustainability of its mission. 

On behalf of the Executive Board, staff, families, and partners of Family Support Network of Central Carolina, we wish as much happiness, love, and care to Nancy in her retirement as she has shown to us. More information regarding the search for FSNCC’s next Executive Director will be published in the coming weeks.

Family Support Network of Central Carolina is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support, education, and caring connections to those who have a child with a disability, special healthcare needs or who have experienced a NICU stay.

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