Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem: Coronavirus may have taken another local favorite.

All signs look like the Hickory Tavern in Winston-Salem is closed, but corporate will not confirm whether it is permanent or temporary.

After repeated calls received the squelch of “di, di, di. The number you have reached has been disconnected” a half dozen times, we reached out to corporate.

An email to corporate had the following response, “Hello – We appreciate the nomination, but we are not at liberty to discuss if and when the store will reopen at this time. Thanks, Tammy.”

This was the reply from Tammy Lucich, Director of Marketing and Beverage for Hickory Tavern. Lucich is based at 13900 Conlan Cir., Suite 240 in Charlotte.

Hickory Tavern opened for lunch June 15, 2015, in the HanesTowne Village development off South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem.

Along with classics like wings and burgers, Hickory Tavern offered Angus ribeye, shrimp and grits, and salmon.

From the start, Hickory Tavern had over 100 beers in-house, including the 36 on tap and local brews from Foothills, Red Oak and Natty Greene’s.

The HanesTowne Hickory Tavern was the first Triad location of the Charlotte-based franchise.

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