Hey bar or club owners. There's a lot of confusion right now on who can open, who can't and how the rules are set.

Here is the skinny.

Bars are closed by Section 8.A.2 of EO141. The following criteria are intended to help determine if a private club business is acting more like a bar or more like a restaurant. The more these criteria are satisfied by a permittee, the more likely an establishment will be treated as a restaurant that may operate pursuant to Section 1.7.

Avoids people congregating on premises simply to drink alcoholic beverages and socialize
Observes spacing & group sizes per EO141.
Avoids patrons sharing touched spaces
Bar counter, pinball/games, etc.
Patrons remain seated at tables
Spaced according to EO141 health & safety guidance.
Does not exceed Emergency Maximum Occupancy (Section 1.3)
In most cases this will be 50% of stated fire capacity.
Has some type of food/health inspection for on-site food preparation
Provided food services prior to Declaration of Emergency.


Private Club Guidance

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