Adopt A Small Business” — is a new way to promote locally-owned businesses AND support local journalism. Your favorite local businesses would benefit greatly by advertising in YES! Weekly at very discounted rates. They can let customers know they’re still open, what they are offering and keep people employed.


1. Choose one of the YES! Weekly "Adopt-a-Small Business" kits below.

2. YES! Weekly will contact you for information on the business(es) you wish to donate advertising space.

3. YES! Weekly will contact the business and design the ad to run sometime between April-May 2020. When we contact your favorite business, we will tell them all about the special person who is supporting them in these difficult times.

If you are looking for additional ways to support free independent journalism, please consider a donation to YES! Weekly and SUPPORT LOCAL JOURNALISM

Please note that this does not constitute a charitable donation and does not qualify for a tax deduction.

All recipients of donated advertisement under the Adopt a Small Business program shall have all authority concerning the design and approve all ads subject to the consent of YES! Weekly and shall be considered the Advertiser. If a recipient closes prior to the finalization of the advertisement and in accordance with timelines normally applicable to advertisements with YES! Weekly, then the donor may select a new recipient. At no time does the donation and acceptance of such an ad grant the donor any authority, ownership, or create any other legal relationship other than that of a donor and recipient. YES! Weekly and its parent company does not make any representations regarding the tax ramifications of the transaction and shall not be responsible for any tax liabilities incurred as a result of participation in this transaction. Both donors and recipients should consult legal advice concerning this matter.