4th Revenue Record for Online Casinos In New Jersey - Tipico Joins the Game

It seems that the gaming industry in New Jersey is over the worst of the impact caused by COVID-19. Although, the impacts were different when comparing online casinos to traditional casinos. Online casinos have recorded that fourth record revenue, and it seems now that other operators want to get involved in the action once a piece of the action as typical has just struck a deal to catch some of the New Jersey market. We're going to look at the latest news in online casinos in New Jersey, and how they have improved.

Importance of Casino Quality

Thanks to the Best Online Casinos NJlike here, the online casino industry continues to improve and grow. The quantity of content involved with most online casinos is immense, and there are possibly more games than the average gambler will ever play in their life. However, the quality on display is better than it has ever been, and this creates a lot of interest, and a lot of business. Online casinos will offer a good range of classic table games, many with different themes, or unique side bets.

They will more than likely offer a choice of poker, either playing against the house, or other players, and taking up the bulk of the content will be a library of video slots, with different gaming mechanics, jackpots, and themes. As technology improves, so do video slots.    

German Influence

It seems that news of the upward trend has travelled. New Jersey has welcomed a new sportsbook operator to the state, in German company, Tipico. It has partnered all with New Jersey licensed Ocean Casino Resort, and now has plans to expand itself by entering other states. Tipico aim to do this throughout 2022, pending approval from the regulators. Gaming developers featured in the casino are respected industry names such as scientific games, high five net and gaming realms inspired gaming and every

The Whole Industry Riding a Hot Streak in 2021

By the end of October of this year, the state of New Jersey took in close to $8.5 billion worth of sports wagers. This has been aided by the NFL season beginning, which contributed another billion dollars to the industry. Casinos and racetracks won $448 million collectively in October, which included in-person,sports betting, and internet gambling. This is an incredible improvement when you compare it to October of 2020, as it represents an increase of almost 33%. $127 million of that was contributed by internet gambling, which showed an increase of 36% for the same period last year.

In addition, sports betting accounted for $84.1 million, which showed an increase of 44% for the same period in 2020. The most successful racetrack was Meadowlands, which is located close to New York City, in East Rutherford. It showed winnings of $44 million for the month of October, easily more than Freehold Racetrack which made around $7 million.

So Why Such a Rapid Rise, and Can it Continue?

There is not one reason above everything, but it is a combination of key elements that are causing such an impact in the industry. Firstly, with covid-19 restrictions slowly lifting, we are seeing more of life return to normal, which creates more betting opportunities. The content continues to improve, largely with the help of technology, which attracts even more customers and, therefore, even more revenue.

There is no reason why the industry cannot continue this upward trend, in fact, the more life starts to return to normal, and the more competition builds through better content; then there is only one way the industry is going, and that is up!

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